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console scroll speed on Win XP


I just got done setting up cygwin on an XP laptop.
Previously, I had set it up on a couple of 2k machines and one other XP desktop.
The XP  console scroll rate seems to be intolerably slow only on the XP machines. I thought it
may be due to cygwin but even a DOS window scrolling seems slow. 
It scrolls by slowly trying to do a "dir" and maxes out my 1.8Ghz CPU.

Is there some option to turn off to make this reasonable or has anyone
else seen this problem? I set display options to maximize performance 
and there don't seem to be any options available for the cygwin window
that would help.

I noted that some previously slow to render html does display more
quickly on my new XP install than on 2k but I can' imagine how you can
max out a>1 Ghz CPU scrolling text in a small window.

Has anyone else noticed this? 


Mike Marchywka 

Windows Live™: Life without walls.

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