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Re: [1.7] rebaseall doesn't solve the problem

On Feb 28 16:18, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Uh, ok.  In that case, yes, it needs some tweaking.  Actually, maybe
> > the tool should really be named differently.  Something suggesting
> > that it in general changes Win32-related PE/COFF header flags.  ASLR
> > and TS-aware are just some of them, in theory.
> I'm open to suggestions.  "peimgflags"?  Currently, aslr only


> > I have to test if the TS-aware flag makes any difference on
> > a 2K8 TS machine anyway.  I think (and hope) that this flag will
> > persuade tsappcmp.dll into igoring an executable instead of scrambling
> > its page executable protection flags.  If so, we should really set this
> > flag in all applications.  Well, not that I gave up the idea that
> > Microsoft should fix that bug in tsappcmp.dll in the first place...
> Ha!

Can you tweak the tool so I can test that next week?

> Or a separate aslrall (peimgflags(?)_all) would share a lot
>  of code with rebaseall, but it's not really all THAT big a script.  The
> reason I didn't do that originally was I wanted to reuse the same
> (generated) filelist in each case.  But, it seems that the flexibility
> in having aslrall(?) make its own file list -- which may include exe's
> as well as dll's -- is more important.


> >> That would be nice.  However, ONLY exe's linked with cygwin1.dll should
> >> be marked this way, right?  Not cygcheck, strace, and whatever other few
> >> exes we might find in the cygwin installation lists.
> > 
> > Hmm, I'm not sure about that one.  At least only EXEs should be marked
> > TS-aware automatically.  The flag has no meaning on DLLs, afaik.
> > *Iff* the TS-aware flag helps to avoid tsappcmp.dll entirely, it's a big
> > help in all cases.  Cygwin applications are TS-aware by default anyway.
> > If somebody actually manages to write a non-TS-aware Cygwin application,
> > I'd say this guy should reset the TS-aware flag manually.

Something I forgot in my other reply from a few minutes ago:

Cygwin applications are POSIX applications which are by default
multiuser aware == TS-aware since they are written for such an
environment.  Should an application *prove* to make trouble in a
TS-environment (minus the tsappcmp.dll bug) then we should try to find
out why.  In that case, especially if it's a plain POSIX tool, it might
be a bug in Cygwin itself.  Other than that, Cygwin and Cygwin apps are
designed to interact cleanly in a multiuser environment.  It should not
matter under which account they are running, even SYSTEM.


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