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Re: [1.7] rebaseall doesn't solve the problem

On Feb 28 16:30, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Only exes require the TS-aware bit.  Two interesting snippets from MSDN:
> > 
> >
> But in order to set this flag without problems cropping up, you must
> satisfy:
> * The application does not run as a system service (that is, LUID=System).
> This probably isn't an issue for cygwin-1.7 and beyond, given the
> changes in how services are installed. (Dang, I need to release an
> updated csih...)

I don't think you will get problems even if you're running a Cygwin
application as system service.  I don't know the exact reason for this
rule, but all the TS-aware rules usually have something to do with
"don't change anything which might break the same application running in
another user context."  These rules don't have POSIX applications in

> * The application does not write to the HKEY Local Machine registry hive
> for user specific data or configuration.
> Hmm.  regtool? /proc/registry?

Hmm, regedit?

You're taking these rules too literally, imho.

> Either way, you lose. If we go one way, then you can't use regtool or
> /proc/registry to manipulate the virtualized registry entries, if you're
> trying to fix something related to a non-TS (windows) app. If we go the
> other way, then you can't use regtool or /proc/registry to manipulate
> the "real" non-virtualized registry.

Cygwin applications won't use the virtualized registry keys anyway.


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