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[ANNOUNCEMENT] End-of-life/Updated: gcc-3.4.4-999

  A new release of gcc, version 3.4.4-999, has been uploaded to, and will appear on your local mirror after it next refreshes.

  The old GCC-3.4.4 compiler has reached end of life, and is being retired.
This is the final release of GCC series 3 on Cygwin; future development will
focus on GCC-4 on Cygwin-1.7.

  To aid with backward-compatibility, the old compiler is being retained, but
will be demoted from system default, and GCC-4 promoted.  The purpose of this
release is to move the compiler into its legacy status.

  This release is a straight rebuild from source of the existing gcc-3.4.4-3,
with no source modifications, but with packaging script changes to enable
'alternatives' switching between the use of GCC-3 and GCC-4.  The scripts will
install alternatives switching for GCC-3, but still leave it as the system
default, so no change in behaviour should be seen.  The next release of GCC-4
will install alternatives groups for GCC-4, and switch it to be the system
default compiler.



  To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your system.  Then,
run setup.exe, fill in all of the options, and make appropriate choices on the
"Select Packages" screen.  Because this is a full "current" version release,
any gcc packages you currently have installed will be automatically selected
to update, but you'll need to select the Devel category to see gcc and friends
if you don't have them already installed.


> From the README:

---------- version 3.4.4-999 -----------


	* Final release ever of Cygwin series 3 GCC.  Release bumped
	to ridiculously high number to indicate end-of-line.
	* Functionally identical to 3.4.4-3, but repackaged to use
	alternatives system, and synchronised with new release of
	version 4 also using alternatives system, to work around
	GNAT failure to respect --program-suffix, and allow easy
	co-installation and default selection of either version.

---------- version 3.4.4-3 -----------


	* Promoted experimental release to current.
	* Implemented workaround for g77 library installation bug

---------- version 3.4.4-2 -----------


        * Experimental release of gcc-3.4.4-2 to fix PR24196,
          which has been causing problems passing std::string
          instances to dlls.  Implemented the patch by Paolo
          Carlini rather than using --enable-fully-dynamic-string.
        * Restored and updated GNU Pascal, but highly experimental
          and not seriously tested yet.
        * Updated build script, but one problem remains: /usr/src
          must be mounted in managed mode when setup.exe is used
          to install the sources, or they must be copied from
          there to a managed directory before building.

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