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Re: problem with make-3.81

>> I was trying to compile project from coin-or (
>> the cygwin tools and I found a problem: 
>> .deps/ClpCholeskyBase.Plo:1: *** multiple target patterns. (and several
>> other error messages from this kind) 
>> So I searched in google some hints and found that this is a "well know"
>> problem. It seems that make 3.81 has some difficulties to handle
>> header file dependencies". 

>  No, not exactly.  Make handles automatic header file dependencies
>fine, but the one thing it doesn't understand is DOS-style paths that
>with a drive letter and colon.  So if you're using a non-cygwin compiler
>outputs the wrong kind of file paths, make won't understand them.

You're totally right. I use -mno-cygwin with gcc. My misunderstanding comes
from the fact that when you search for a solution to this problem on
google, it's always make fault.

>> PS: I added the comment made on the coin-or website related to this
>> with reference to the bug description (see the 2006 year ...).

>  That's not helpful, because you misunderstood and your comment is
>and misleading.  The real problem (I can tell without even looking at the
>or anything else) is that you are using the cygwin compiler's
>option, which in fact turns it into a MinGW compiler, using DOS-based file
>paths.  If you want make to understand MinGW paths generated by a MinGW
>compiler, you should use a MinGW make, not a Cygwin make.

Is there any mingw make shipped with cygwin ? I can't find one in my
current installation ...

Thanks a lot,


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