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Re: problem with make-3.81

ycollet wrote:

> I was trying to compile project from coin-or ( using
> the cygwin tools and I found a problem: 
> .deps/ClpCholeskyBase.Plo:1: *** multiple target patterns. (and several
> other error messages from this kind) 
> So I searched in google some hints and found that this is a "well know"
> problem. It seems that make 3.81 has some difficulties to handle "automatic
> header file dependencies". 

  No, not exactly.  Make handles automatic header file dependencies absolutely
fine, but the one thing it doesn't understand is DOS-style paths that begin
with a drive letter and colon.  So if you're using a non-cygwin compiler that
outputs the wrong kind of file paths, make won't understand them.

> PS: I added the comment made on the coin-or website related to this problem
> with reference to the bug description (see the 2006 year ...).

  That's not helpful, because you misunderstood and your comment is incorrect
and misleading.  The real problem (I can tell without even looking at the site
or anything else) is that you are using the cygwin compiler's "-mno-cygwin"
option, which in fact turns it into a MinGW compiler, using DOS-based file
paths.  If you want make to understand MinGW paths generated by a MinGW
compiler, you should use a MinGW make, not a Cygwin make.


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