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Re: passwd questions with cygwin 1.7

On Feb 26 16:46, Paul McFerrin wrote:
> OKAY, I have some passwd questions & problems associated with cygwin 1.7.
> PRIOR to 1.7, my UID/GID for "Paul" account was 501/401 and all of my  
> files have correct ownership.  When I created /etc/passwd via:

Ouch.  401 is a FAKE gid which was supposed to tell you that you have to
rebuild your /etc/passwd file.  Did you never wonder about the weird
name of the group, "mkpasswd"?

>        vim x   { changed: UID/GID to 501/401

Don't do that.  Especially dont use 401 as gid.  For the ownership of
the files the Cygwin uid/gid isn't important anyway.  What's important
is that the SIDs are correct in passwd and group files.

> When I'm looking at document:  
> it doesn't describe this procedure as what to do next when converting
> an existing release to 1.7 ??  What next??  Remember, this was not a full
> upgrade; just updating /bin/cygwin1.dll.  I have not made a commitment  
> to do a full upgrade to 1.7 yet.

Don't do that.

I suggest to install 1.7 from scratch.  A 1.7 installation can live
parallel to a 1.5 installation on the same machine, installed in another
directory (say, c:\cygwin-1.7), and even run parallel.  1.5 based
processes won't see 1.7 based processes running on the same machine.

After the new installation you should just check /etc/fstab and, if it
exists, /etc/fstab.d/Paul.  Your 1.5 mount tbale will be imported and it
looks a bit strange to me.  For instance, you're using / as cygdrive
prefix, which is not supported, and the following mount points

  C:\cygwin\bin on /bin type system (binmode)
  C:\cygwin\etc on /etc type system (binmode)
  C:\cygwin\lib on /lib type system (binmode)
  C:\cygwin\usr on /usr type system (binmode)

are superfluous and *might* break the 1.7 mount point import script.


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader          cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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