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Re: Lftp hang while executing batch file

Hallo Andrew,

Thank you for your reply.

Andrew Schulman - wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I found that the Version 3.7.6-3 have the problem executing
>> batchfiles. After upgrading from 3.7.6-1 my script does not longer
>> work. I started lftp -f batchfile where in the batchfile the
>> connection to the server And some action is done. It looks like that
>> lftp hang while it tries to connect. 
>> I downgraded to 3.7.6-1 an everything works fine.
>> May be someone can reproduce and fix the problem.
> Thanks for the report, but in order for us to reproduce the
> problem, wouldn't you expect to have to post the script? Please do
> that. 

Here comes the script username password an servername did i change.
open -u usernameIsHere,passwordComesHere  sftp://ftp.server.somewhere/
echo ----lösche tmp----
rm -r gielsdorf-spielt.tmp
echo ----mkdir----
mkdir gielsdorf-spielt.tmp
echo ----mirror to tmp----
mirror -R -I * . gielsdorf-spielt.tmp
echo ----save Old Version----
mv gielsdorf-spielt gielsdorf-spielt.2009.02.19_14.31.04 
echo ----make tmp to New Version----
mv gielsdorf-spielt.tmp gielsdorf-spielt
echo ----show directory----

> The difference between 3.7.6-1 and -3 was very small-- all I
> did was remove a single file,  /usr/lib/charset.alias, that's
> already provided by gettext.  Can you tell me, (1) do you
> have /usr/lib/charset.alias on your host, 
No the file is not on my machine.
bash-3.2$ ls /usr/lib/charset.alias
ls: cannot access /usr/lib/charset.alias: No such file or directory

> and (2) do you have
> gettext installed?
$ cygcheck.exe -d -c|grep gette
gettext                 0.17-3


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