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Re: lynx seems broken (Attn: ncurses maintainer)

David Rothenberger wrote:
> Rolling back libncurses8 and terminfo to the previous release solves the
> problem for me. Recompiling lynx from source with the new libncurses8
> and terminfo packages also fixes the problem.

Confirmed bug.  I've pulled the release.

Upstream has silently changed the API, but only for "broken linkers" --
in other words, if you are not ELF, you are "broken".  And apparently we
don't care about API compatibility for "broken" linkers.

It's not just cur_term. There are 43 symbols that were exported by
ncurses-5.5's cygncurses-8.dll but are missing from ncurses-5.7's
cygncurses-8 (with no changes in how the two packages were ./configured).


Given that lack of consistency, I also worry if some existing symbols
have had their signatures changed. Sheesh.

OK. So, no problem: I'll just release ncurses-5.7-[2,11] with a dll
version bump to -9 (and a new libncurses9 package).  But how do I get
everyone's libncurses8 package back to the original API?

I guess I can modify libncurses8's setup.hint to explicitly declare that
the 5.5-3 version is current, thus superseding the bad -5.7-1 version...

I was really trying to avoid a DLL version bump with this release, but
it looks like that is not possible, due to poor API management upstream.

This also means that I must also roll back the terminfo database layout
change. Sigh.


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