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Re: Program hangs on startup wrote:


I am not able to really see what is going on, process explorer says

Otherwise, I have seen it hang in some function that I cannot remember
exactly ascii convert or something and other vista kernel functions.

Basically, I would like to know is this :

1. how can I determine where the application is spending its time, It
is doing something, but it seems to be in a buch of kernel calls.
2. where is my systrace and oprofile for cygwin that will show me the
kernel calls?
3. is there a way to do a trace using gdb on cygwin? I would like to
basically to a "nexti" a million times to see what instructions are
being executed.

Have you tried 'strace'? Perhaps you want to build a debug version of Cygwin if you think the problem requires looking more at the internals.

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