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A personal "getting started" document

I am not certain if this is an appropriate email for this list, but I think
it probably is. (If not, I am certain someone will let me know <G>)

I recently installed and started (trying to) use Cygwin.  I did this, NOT
because I am someone who is used to or even knows UNIX or Linux, but rather
because I wanted to install and use OpenCOBOL (an Open Source COBOL
"package").  (The last time that I actually used UNIX for any time, was in
the early '80s - when working for "the phone company" before divestiture.
Even then, I primarily used it to use TROFF for developing and write a COBOL
programming course.)

I had some trials and tribulations trying to get Cygwin installed for use
with OpenCOBOL and then getting OpenCOBOL up and working for me.

Therefore, I created for that project a "Getting Started" document that
includes "step by step" instructions for installing Cygwin (for use with
OpenCOBOL) and then OpenCOBOL itself.

Obviously, this document has a specific and targeted audience.  On the other
hand, I thought that some in this list might have the time and inclination
to look at it and give me any corrections and/or suggestions for improvement
- especially when it comes to the Cygwin side of things.

The document can be found online in either PDF or HTML at: 

If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, please feel free to
send them to me off-list at
  wmklein <at>

or via this list (assuming the topic itself is considered appropriate).

Thanks in advance for any input you can give me.

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