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Re: 1.5.25: pthread/ofstream problem

>   Which version is this?  Is it the full version with antispyware and all
sorts of extra tricks built in?  What anti-virus do you have?

It's using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.2000.1567 - all the bells and whistles.

I blamed AVS at first, but the problem also persists on machines that do not have any AVS installed. I double checked and ran another test today on a different machine that also ended the same way (exact same spot too), but only at 100k iterations.

But, it should be noted that the stackdump has occurred at different points, in different threads (as opposed to main). I can try to provide those if anyone is interested. 

>> Is there something inherently wrong with having different treads access
>> different files at once? 

>  No, of course not; any failures are real bugs.

Thank you for the sanity check.

I'll test with 1.7 but I just wanted to say that it's not AVS/PFW to blame here. Could it possibly be Windows Explorer itself? Again, it does seem to occur more often when an explorer window is open to the output directory, in which it refreshes the status of the files being opened/closed every so often.

It would also be nice to know if someone else can reproduce the issue; perhaps just leave it running on a computer overnight.


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