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Re: 1.5.25: pthread/ofstream problem

Filipek, Stefan R. wrote:

> Note that this problem seems to be accelerated by having the target
> directory open in explorer and/or having the files highlighted. I've come
> across situations where even will throw an exception when
> doing the above. The exception has been seen in both C++ and python, which
> makes me think it's something fundamental in Cygwin, and possibly related
> to this as well.

  Actually, that makes me think you have BLODA-style interference.

> Potential app conflicts:
> ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall
> Detected: HKLM Registry Key, Named file.

  Which version is this?  Is it the full version with antispyware and all
sorts of extra tricks built in?  What anti-virus do you have?

  The stack trace you posted suggests BLODA too:

[ minor munging of paths to simplify
~ $ addr2line --exe /bin/cygwin1.dbg

  Looking at the top of the stack there:

  1590  pthread_mutex::~pthread_mutex ()
  1591  {
  1592    if (win32_obj_id)
  1593      CloseHandle (win32_obj_id);
  1595    mutexes.remove (this);
  1596  }

suggests that a plain call to win32.CloseHandle blew up in our faces.  That
really does smack of a bad AV/PFW hook that's messing with handles.

> Is there something inherently wrong with having different treads access
> different files at once? 

  No, of course not; any failures are real bugs.  However, nobody's going to
be very likely to fix it in 1.5, so you should definitely see if it reproduces
under 1.7.  If you can't narrow it down to a BLODA, that is.


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