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[OT] Re: [CFT] libtool on nix->cygwin cross, with wine

rhubbell wrote:

> I was mostly noticing how frequent the "list policing" is here.

  How frequently you notice it may be different from how frequently other
people notice it, hopefully in proportion to whether you are more or less of a
jerk than whichever other people you choose to compare yourself against.

> And also what hypocrites there are too. Look at your .sig, a
> lot of useless information, but you send it every time.

  It's a fraction of the useless information that you send every time by
always duplicating the entire previous post.  Just how many times do you need
to see that list of URLs anyway?

  It certainly creates the impression that you believe that your wit and
wisdom is of such great value that your every trivial and inconsequential
thought must be broadcast to the world at large the moment it pours forth from
your imagination, a matter of such earth-shattering import that we would not
want to wait the three seconds it would take you to trim the spam from your
post.  This is why you're getting the treatment: you come across to have an
overly-high opinion of your own worth.

  FTR, I'd be happy to wait that extra 3 seconds.


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