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Re: [CFT] libtool on nix->cygwin cross, with wine

Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 4:35 PM, rhubbell <> wrote:
On Tue, 24 Feb 2009 16:15:33 -0500
Greg Chicares wrote:
By the way, this list discourages full quoting:
Ok, this is one neurotic list.

A lot of Linux mailing lists have that policy. Especially if it is high volume or has a large subscriber base. The idea is that someone can read a single email and understand it without having to bounce all over the place.

What still always makes me laugh is the people who are so emphatic about top vs. bottom posting.

(someone even had a clever .sig showing the flow of top posting and how "backwards" it is)

But honestly, we humans have remarkable brains that let us put back together the conversation in either order.
Is it really *that* hard? Maybe for some.

But what made me laugh about the .sig was that it missed something.

it said something along the idea of:

Because it just does.
So, does that make it evil?
because it reverses the flow of discussion.
why is top posting evil?

But what makes me laugh is that people on a list have now just received a sequence of messages in the correct flow with the most current information at the top without the need for scrolling through redundant previous message info just to "get to the goods"
at the bottom.

Personally (and this is the important part), I don't let it bother *me* because I realize everyone's brain works a little differently.

Speaking of which..

Sorry for my ramble. I'll go hide now.


Ben Kamen - O.D.T., S.P.
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