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Re: gcc compile problem: error: stray \168 in program

Tim McDaniel <tmcd <at>> writes:

> On Tue, 24 Feb 2009, grip <Chandramohan.USecure <at>> wrote:
> > 2. Output from od- tx1 -a test.c
> >
> > ---------------------BEGIN-------------------------------
> > 0000000 23 69 6e 63 6c 75 64 65 20 3c 73 74 64 69 6f 2e
> >          #  i  n  c  l  u  d  e sp  <  s  t  d  i  o  .
> THank you for providing that.  I've deleted spaces so that the text
> representations line up under the hex representations (why od doesn't
> do that I don't know; nor do I know how to make od do that).

Making od align output is easy - upgrade to cygwin 1.7 and coreutils 7.0, where 
you will then get my upstream patch that does just that ;)  (and no, I won't 
port coreutils 7.0 to cygwin 1.5; I'm already swamped trying to get coreutils 
7.1 and bash 4.0 built).

> They really ARE umlauts in Latin-1, hex a8 shown above.  Why any other
> program displays them as double quotes is beyond me: od apparently
> strips the high bit to display them (0xa8 becomes 0x28, which is "(");
> DOS codepage 437 would show an inverted question mark.

That's because you used -a, instead of -c.  od --help confirms that -a 
intentionally drops the high bit, producing ambiguous output:

  -a   same as -t a,  select named characters, ignoring high-order bit
  -b   same as -t o1, select octal bytes
  -c   same as -t c,  select ASCII characters or backslash escapes
  a          named character, ignoring high-order bit
  c          ASCII character or backslash escape

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin coreutils maintainer

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