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Re: gcc compile problem: error: stray \168 in program

Ok here are more clues and I think this should help you:

1. From the command prompt from windows, I tried this
    - od -tx1 <ENTER>
    - "<ENTER> (Note:  I have to  type double  quotes  twice always and  I 
get two double quotes. I   
                      use backspace to remove one every time. A single
double quotes produces no output on 
                      the  screen )

0000000 22 0a

2.From xterm
  Now I cannot  get to type the double quotes at  all. Also within vi in

  From windows command prompt, the double quotes gets printed as explained
in 1 above (have to type it twice to get 2 "s , use backspace to delete one
to finally get 1 " , as explained above. )

 I closed everything and launched xterm again and still I cant get to  type
the " in xterm or vi within xterm.

Hope these inputs help you



Tim McDaniel-2 wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Feb 2009, Dave Korn <> wrote:
>>  Nor do I, but let's see what's in that file: can you show us the
>> output you get from running "od -tx1 test.c" on your testcase
>> please, and tell us exactly what editor you used.
> I personally prefer "od -tx1 -a test.c": it should add ASCII versions
> of each character, to make it faster to find particular positions.
>> Also, type "od -tx1" at a command line without any filename
>> following it, type a quote mark, then press enter, then Ctrl+D, and
>> show us what that says.
> Being ultra-precise: type
>      od -tx1
> at a command line, and then press enter.  That will start the "octal
> dump" program.  The quote mark (meaning ") and enter is the one line
> of input.
> -- 
> Tim McDaniel,
> --
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