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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {ncurses/libncurses-devel/libncurses8/ncurses-demo}-5.7-1

rhubbell wrote:
> Just curious since I'm new here. Why do announcements go to this list?
> Isn't there an announcement list?

  The announce list is mirrored to the main list because the information is
vital.  Things like changing CRLF line-end handling in bash create enough
upheaval even when they /are/ heavily-trailed here!

> Yes, I can filter these to trash easily enough.

  Obviously, since if you were at all bothered, you wouldn't have just
reposted yourself and every single one of the rest of us a whole duplicate
copy of the entire message.  Thanks a bunch!  Please believe me, the value of
your wit and wisdom to the rest of us is not /so/ vast that we have to be
notified of your every thought the moment it occurs to you just as fast as you
can commit it to paper, without a moment to waste.  Take the extra ten seconds
to trim the spam off your replies; we'll still be here.


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