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Re: gcc compile problem: error: stray \168 in program

grip wrote:
> Hi 
>>   Don't use Microsoft Word to write C source files?  The real question is,
>> how
> :) No, not using Word !! 

  :)  I didn't think it was very likely really!

>> did the file get to be that way in the first place?  Do you have an
>> unusual keyboard layout/mapping?
> I have a Sun Keyboard. 

  As in off of a Solaris system?  That is a little unusual.  I've got one
lying around myself, if need be I could plug it in and see if I can reproduce
the problem.

> And I  did not do  any keyboard mapping.
> Some logs when I  start XWin below:
> - "English-USA, INternational (20409)
> - type="4
> - Model=pc105,
> - Layout=us_intl
> Did receive a  warning while starting Xwin though
> ------------
> The KKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) reports:
> Warning: Type " ONE LEVEL" has 1 levels, but <RALT> has 2 symbols
>  Ignoring extra symbols
> -------------
> I dont know if this is related to this...

  Nor do I, but let's see what's in that file: can you show us the output you
get from running "od -tx1 test.c" on your testcase please, and tell us exactly
what editor you used.  Also, type "od -tx1" at a command line without any
filename following it, type a quote mark, then press enter, then Ctrl+D, and
show us what that says.

  Also, does the same happen if you use the ordinary (cmd.exe-style) DOS
console instead of an X-based GUI console?


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