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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: texi2html-1.82 - A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator


A new version of 'texi2html' has been uploaded to a server near you.

A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator.


 o Updated to latest upstream release

texi2html NEWS

1.82 (2009-01-05)


* Add new hooks for user functions, for simple @-commands, and at the start and
  end of special regions.


* Tests are now more cross-platform and more tolerant of missing optional

* Don't use unidecode on unicode characters that are known not to have a good
  transliteration.  This corresponds with characters with an @-command that
  don't have a transliteration, like @exclamdown...

* Misc minor bug fixes.

1.80 (2009-01-01)


* handle @alias, @quote*, @guillem*, @textdegree, @allowcodebreaks,
  @fonttextsize, @hyphenation, @click, @clickstyle, @click, @arrow, 
  @clicksequence, @geq, @leq, @*headingmarks, @*footingmarks, @smallquotation,
  Handle @columnfractions and row prototypes in @multitable better.

* @documentlanguage is used to set the language each time it is seen (except
  if the language was set on the command line).

* new option --css-ref, generate reference to a CSS URL.

* new option --transliterate-file-names, produce file names in ASCII 
  transliteration (set in the default case).

* use accesskey and rel attributes, use link element if set in the init file.

* use node id as targets for sections.


* the API for the formatting of menus completly changed. $simple_menu_link
  is removed, everything should be done in $menu_link.

* change handling of @detailmenu and menu comments, with (among other changes)
  the menu function reference replaced by the menu_command function reference
  also handling @detailmenu.

* tex4ht.init now may use a different external program for @tex and for
  @math, and therefore the configuration variables were doubled and
  their name changed.

* change in the interface, a new function reference print_element_header
  has been added, that should print the heading navigation of an element.
  Previously it was done in print_section.

* change in the normal_text function reference API, now there is an 
  input variable true if in simple text.

* change in the menu_entry and simple_menu_entry function reference API,
  the name is always assed, and a new argument tells if there was an
  explicit name.

* change in unknown function reference API, now there is a pass argument
  to be able to handle unknown macros in other passes than the last.
  Report from Reinhold Kainhofer.

* in table_item the text is not formatted with the format command, 
  the text_formatted argument is.

* definition index entries are now formatted with $definition_index_entry,
  not with $definition_category anymore.

* $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{copying} is now $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{copying_comment}.



* changes in command line switches to synchronize with makeinfo:
  --number becomes --number-sections
  --separated-footnotes becomes --footnote-style
  --sec-nav becomes --header
  --Verbose becomes --verbose
  --lang becomes --document-language

* everything before @setfilename is not outputted, like makeinfo. The previous
  behaviour can be restored with $IGNORE_BEFORE_SETFILENAME = 0;

* Now there is an argtype possibility for definition specification 
  and the arg meaning changed. The whole definition parsing is now more
  like makeinfo.

* internal_ref and external_ref don't change inforef to xref anymore.

* change in the heading API. THIS_HEADER is not used anymore.
  New function reference, element_heading  to format a node or a section 
  heading, including navigation and label. Accordingly, print_Top and 
  one_section don't print the element header anymore. Also it is
  reported if the element is a new element, is the main element and
  more arguments, and top element heading is always done in heading.

* print_element_header and print_navigation now return their result.
* new argument for print_misc and print_misc_header, the misc page name.

* printindex is called if it appears, even if the index is not defined or
  there are no index entries.

* image API completly changed. The current behaviour is not stable, so
  is not documented.

* new argument (@@-command name) for quotation and quotation_prepend_text.

* image file paths are not completed anymore in the default case. The previous
  behaviour can be restored with $COMPLETE_IMAGE_PATHS set to true.

* there is a new 'style' key in $complex_format_map, to be able to 
  differentiate complex formats inheriting fonts and code_style (like 
  @format, @display).

* $EXTENSION should be undef if one doesn't want an extension to be added.

* THISDOC{'title'} and similar are now for @title since only one @title
  should appear in the document. @settitle is tried first to set fulltitle.

* Configuration variables are not modified anymore, instead the variable
  value is put in $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'VAR'}. This is the case for

  For example, if $CSS_LINES is defined, the value is put in 
  $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'CSS_LINES'} which is used for formatting, and if
  $CSS_LINES is not defined, $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'CSS_LINES'} is 

* When there is no section and $USE_NODES is not set don't split by node.
  This behaviour and the previous aren't documented, so it could change
  in the future.


* --no-monolithic is reenabled.

* @, followed by an argument without brace is now handled. Report from 
  Jorge Barros de Abreu.

* @, is kept with --macro-expand.

* @math is more compatible with makeinfo/texi2dvi when no external program
  is used. Using tex4ht for html generation should also lead to a correct

* Handle right @end block commands followed by something else than a 
  spacing character.

* Remove trailing end of line in @html block.

* @itemize should produce bullets by default. Report from Reinhold Kainhofer.

* handle frame files like other files. Report from Reinhold Kainhofer.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up
the above mentioned package from the 'Libs' category.

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need
to find a mirror which has this update.

These mirrors already got the package, the others will probably have 
the latest version of this package fairly soon:

In the US 

has reliable high bandwidth connections.

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