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[1.7] makeinfo: too many open files

I ran into the following problem building libtool under cygwin-1.7
(makeinfo from texinfo-4.8a-1):

makeinfo -I doc -I
/usr/src/packages/libtool/22/libtool-2.2.7a-10/src/libtool/doc -o

 @include `PLATFORMS': Too many open files.
 @include `fdl.texi': Too many open files.
makeinfo: Removing output file
due to errors; use --force to preserve.

When using the same version of makeinfo under cygwin-1.5, there are no
problems.  I see that Eric asked about (the same?) problem over on
bug-texinfo, but I don't see any resolution. It looks like a cygwin-1.7
problem, not a texinfo problem, to me...
Eric, did anything ever come of this?


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