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Re: Strange freezes when using gdb (rxvt/mintty but not dos box)

Roland Schwingel wrote:

> gdb freezes upon execution of the inferior process when used from within
> mintty/rxvt, but does not freeze when gdb
> is invoked from a (conventional) bash inside of a windows DOS box.

> The application I want to debug is compiled for mingw.

  You're trying to use a Cygwin GDB to cross-debug a MinGW (== plain old
win32) application.  Dunno if that's completely guaranteed to work, but it
probably should for simple programs.

> So I assume some threading issues here in communication with the
> console/terminal from multiple threads...

  Assumption probably wrong.

> But why does it work with DOS box and not using mintty/rxvt??? 

  Clue here.  You are launching a win32 app, from a cygwin app, in a
(non-console-based) GUI window.  Won't work.  Use a console.  See discussions
around CYGWIN=tty for full details (which, if you had it set, ought to make
the crash occur in a console as well as in rxvt/mintty, but isn't anything you
can turn off for rxvt and get it working).


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