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Re: SSH V.5.1 with Cygwin1.dll 1.7.0: Very large logon times...


> No.  Not really.  The only reason could be that the code isn't called.
> Only further debugging will help.

It ist very difficult to put in debug statements at the right places 
within the sourcecode because of the complexity of the programs.

But we have just found out these new facts:

- We copied our productive Active Directory database into a test 
        + AD database contained 8700 users, 6000 groups, 9600 computers
        + part of this test network are only three computers: root domain 
controller, domain controller, member server
        + problem of large logon time could also be seen in this copied 

- In the next step we deleted most of the Active Directory objects
        + After this deletion process AD database contains only 278 users, 
784 groups and 32 computers
        + SSH login takes only 1 sec. for login

With theses informations it should be possible for you developers to 
adjust the situation. Increase the number of your Active Directory 
objects, and you will probably see that the logon time will also increase!

Anything within your ssh logon process takes more time the bigger the 
Active Directory database is.

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards

Carsten Porzler


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