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Re: Windows Mobile?

Vincent R. wrote:

> Still don't understand because cegcc provides you with POSIX API!

  Oh, wow!  I didn't know that, I thought it was more like MinGW; it's
actually far more comprehensive than I thought.

> And what would mean to port cygwin on Windows Mobile, does it mean you want
> a terminal with a compiler running directly on the device ?

  You'll have to ask Harold, but I was acting under the assumption that that
is what he wanted, or at any rate, a version of cygwin1.dll that runs on CE.

> You need to know that cegcc is actually a common name for two different
> toolchains
> cegcc = POSIX API + newlib libc
> mingw32ce = mingw for wince : native API + native libc
> To say it differently :
> cegcc = cygwin for wince
> mingw32ce = mingw for wince
> But maybe I am the one missing something ?

  No, I was; thank you for explaining.  I haven't been paying attention to the
windows mobile platforms (until just the other day as it happens, when I was
trying to find out if anyone still uses sh-*-pe, which I gather you guys don't).


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