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Re: Can't compile Screen: Undefined reference to __imp__ospeed

Andrew Schulman-3 wrote:
>> screen-256color: GNU Screen compiled with the --enable-colors256 flag;
>> without
>> this flag, terminals launched from within Screen can only show 16 colors. 
>> Depending on your terminal, you may need to launch Screen as
>> 'TERM=screen-256color screen' in order for 256 colors to work.
> OK, thanks.  I'll put a new release out soon with 256 colors enabled, at
> least
> for Cygwin 1.5.
> I'm curious:  where do you use this?  I've been using 8 or 16 colors I
> guess,
> for all of this time and never noticed it.  I don't colorize my ls output,
> for
> example, as I know many people do.  If there's a common application for
> this, it
> would help to point it out to users.

Great that this will be included in an official Cygwin screen package! The
256 colors mode is invaluable for people using Emacs in terminal mode: Emacs
supports 256 colors, and code becomes a lot easier on the eye.

By the way, I downloaded
and tried it on Cygwin 1.5 with PuTTY (256 colors enabled): started screen
plus Emacs, and it shows all 256 colors with M-x list-colors-display!

Note that for Emacs to recognize screen-256color, you need to add the
following into "term/screen-256color.el" in the load path (for Emacs 22):

(defun terminal-init-screen ()
  "Terminal initialization function for screen."
  ;; Use the xterm color initialization code.
  (load "term/xterm")

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