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Re: Installation problem - "unix" root doesn't work

Michel Wozniak wrote:

> Path:  

>     C:\SYNC\OUTILS\php
>     C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like

> Not Found: awk
> Not Found: bash
> Not Found: cat
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\cp.exe
> Not Found: cpp (good!)
> Not Found: crontab
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\find.exe
> Not Found: gcc
> Not Found: gdb
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\grep.exe
> Not Found: kill
> Not Found: ld
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\ls.exe
> Not Found: make
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\mv.exe
> Not Found: patch
> Found: C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\rm.exe
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\sed.exe
> Not Found: ssh
> Not Found: sh
> Found: C:\SYNC\OUTILS\Unix like\tar.exe
> Not Found: test
> Not Found: vi
> Not Found: vim

  All those utilities in the unix-alike directory in your PATH have got in the
way and messed up the postinstall scripts is my guess.  Remove those OUTILS
dirs from your path and re-run setup; just click right through on "install
from local dir", set everything at the top level of the package category tree
to "reinstall" and it should complete whatever it didn't finish last time.


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