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Re: rsyncd cannot access volume shadow copy

Matthias Meyer wrote:

I run cygwin in Vista:

I can create a volume shadow copy with vshadow from the Microsoft SDK as
well as map it to drive B:.

I can access /cygdrive/b (bash) as well as B: (cmd) from terminals of the
same user which has mapped the shadow copy to the drive.

But I can not access the shadow copy from terminals of other users AND my rsyncd, which runs under the same user where the shadow copy was
mapped, can't access /cygdrive/b.

rsync: chdir /cygdrive/b failed

I try the same under Windows XP and it works only one time :-O
I map the drive with "dosdev b: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device...
rsyncd works but has locked files
2009/02/18 19:54:05 [2112] rsync: send_files failed to open "Dokumente und
Einstellungen/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/Windows/UsrClass.dat" (in B):
Device or resource busy (16)

After dosdev -r -d b: and again dosdev b: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device...
I get from rsyncd:
2009/02/18 20:03:19 [2580] name lookup failed for Unknown server
2009/02/18 20:03:19 [2580] connect from UNKNOWN (
2009/02/18 20:03:19 [2580] rsync: chdir /cygdrive/b failed
: No such file or directory (2)

In both (XP) cases ls -alh /cygdrive/b will list the content of drive c:

Is there something of significance here that differs from <>?

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