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Re: sshd w/o admin?

Aaron Davies wrote:
is it possible to get sshd working w/o admin privs?

Running 'ssh-host-config' requires adminstrative privileges to create users to run 'sshd' as a service (for W2K3 and later) and for privilege separation. If you don't want/need these, then you can bypass these as part of the configuration. This will mean:

  1. You cannot run sshd as a service (on W2K3 or later) so you will not
     be able to use pub-key authentication.  On W2K and XP systems, you
     can use the existing 'SYSTEM' user to run 'sshd' as a service if
     you'd like.

  2. You will always be running 'sshd' as a "privileged" user but this
     doesn't mean much if you're not running it as a user with elevated
     privileges, which you're likely not if you chose not to run as a
     service, this is likely a non-issue.

i've run ssh-host-config (without creating a new user) and started
sshd manually from the shell.

when i try to connect, i get "Connection closed by" and an
error "sshd: PID 6520: fatal: seteuid 45758: Permission denied" shows
up in the event viewer

"id" idnicates that 45758 is me

any suggestions?

Use password authentication?

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