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wget 1.11.4 intermittently fails to connect

I have a application that periodically polls various existing websites and then alert me if my internet (home ISP) service is interrupted. I'm using wget 1.11.4 and ping xxx.x to be the work horse. Wget fails to Connect on a good & known website. It fails intermittently and the error messages typically look like this:
--2009-02-17 21:36:49--
Connecting to||:80...
-- "Connected" missing
The failure can occur 4-5 times in a 24-hour period or 100+ times in same period Besides pinging Worldnet (netscape enterprise 4.x), I'm also pinging my own two Apache 1.x server running on the same PC as the pinging application, I'm using the following command line for the pings:
wget -T 15 --no-dns-cache $DOMAIN -O /dev/null \
2>trace_out_tmp || \
(sleep 7 && \
wget -T 15 --no-dns-cache \
$DOMAIN -O /dev/null 2>trace_out_tmp)
Supplying "--no-dns-cache" has no effect on this problem.

The same PC is also running Firefox all day long and I don't notice any problems with accessing webpages; including the pages being pinged. When the error log show the "Connected" on the connecting line, the process/read hangs and will NOT timeout as specified with the -T option, Another item to note that it always seems to resolve finding hostname in DNS since it has the site's correct IP address.

On certain days, I can go nearly one whole day without a single failure. And then there are the other days with failures.

If I can get a couple of people to issue the above commands from their PC to see if it is reproducible from different sites? For $DOMAINS, use: OR OR
and report back (use p_e_mcferrin AT your findings. I don't seem to have any any problems doing "ping's"

Thanks in advanced, Paul

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