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RE: 1.5.25-14 cygwin on Windows Server2008 Intel64 does not run

We think we have found the reason for this:

It has to do with

To see the setting on your system do:
Click of Start
  Right-click Computer
    Click Properties
      Click "Advanced system settings"
        In the Performance frame click Settings
          Click the "Data Execution Prevention" tab
If the "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" is selected then cygwin will work OK
If the "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select" is selected (and you have not entered any of the cygwin stuff as selected) then you will NOT be able to open a cygwin window.

The above is true for both ia-32 and Intel64 win2008 systems. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Devor, Tevi 
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 9:20 AM
To: ''
Subject: 1.5.25-14 cygwin on Windows Server2008 Intel64 does not run

I have installed cygwin (1.5.25-14)on an Intel64 machine running Windows Server2008 (Data Center) 64bit OS.
The installation goes fine – but if I click on the cygwin icon, a cygwin command prompt window appears for a second and then terminates.
I tried running:
????? 4 [main] bash 884 _cygtls::handle_exceptions: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
??? 876 [main] bash 884 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to bash.exe.stackdump
?? 9880 [main] bash 884 _cygtls::handle_exceptions: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
? 10389 [main] bash 884 _cygtls::handle_exceptions: Error while dumping state (probably corrupted stack)

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