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> screen hangs when attempting to reattach to a session that wasn't manually detached but instead the ssh connection to the server where screen is running was closed.
> i can neither 
> screen -list
> nor
> screen -D -RR
> to get back into the session. for both calls screen will wait forever but nothing will happen.
> strace screen -list will stop here:
> 329 136923 [main] screen 137852 fhandler_socket::af_local_send_secret: Sending af_local secret succeeded 

Thanks for the report.  Although I maintain screen for Cygwin, this is
unfortunately probably outside of my ability to fix.  I just don't know enough
about how screen works.

A few possibilities:

(1) You can report this bug upstream, to the screen mailing list.  Someone there
may be able to suggest an answer.

(2) The problem may already be fixed in Cygwin 1.7.  Please try it out and post
your results. and .

(3) If the problem isn't fixed yet in Cygwin 1.7, it may become so after I try
recompiling screen to use pipes instead of sockets.  In 1.5 I had to force
screen to use sockets, because the pipe implementation is broken in some way. So
far although I've recompiled screen for 1.7, I haven't revisited the socket/pipe
issue.  This shouldn't be hard to do and I'll look at it this week.


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