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Re: Help with cygheap base mismatch on Vista 32-bit

Ari Halberstadt wrote:
> Every program I've tried in my cygwin installation (1.5.25-15) gives
> base mismatch errors on my Vista Home Premium 32-bit system. Cygwin was
> working fine but then I uninstalled Symantec AV (free trial ran out) and
> installed BitDefender instead, and then cygwin stopped working with this
> error (everything other than cygwin continues to work). 

  BitDefender seems to break Cygwin.  There's a detailed explanation of how AV
and firewall apps can sometimes cause problems for Cygwin at

but in short: it hooks into the OS and does bad stuff that interferes with
other applications, of which Cygwin is one.  Also, they got haxored :-P lol.

> help. I downloaded a completely new version and installed fresh, but
> still the same problem. Running rebaseall fails with a similar error.
> I'm stumped and can find nothing on the Internet to help. The closest
> was an old unsolved post from 2006, "Cygwin on Vista",

  Probably not the same issue.  I googled "cygwin bitdefender", the first
entry read "My cygwin environment was working fine until I loaded BitDefender
Internet Security 2009".  There's a couple of possible workarounds listed in
this thread on the bitdefender forum:

that seem to help for some people by disabling the most intrusive parts of the
BD functionality.

> Here's what bin/rebaseall says when run from ash, which itself was run
> from a Windows command prompt:

  Rebaseall can't usually help with BLODA.  (However, once you get back up and
running you should probably do a rebaseall anyway, in case that attempt
managed to run long enough to start modifying any DLLs.)


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