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Re: RFE: CygWinDir in ENV

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Tim McDaniel wrote:
You did mention

] HKLM/Software/Cygwin/setup, the "rootdir" value.

But you noted that that is in version 1.7.

This would work for 1.5 as well if someone back-ported the 1.7 change.
	Several shell scripts are called by setup, but I'm
not familiar with when they are called or their ordering.
	But for the programs run from setup -- if CYGWINDIR
was set in "setup.exe"'s environment, wouldn't that propagate it
to any child processes it started?
	If that's the case, then either
a) if it already calls a post-install script
b) could call a post-install script,

AND if it could pass HKLM or HKCU (for all-user vs. current user
install) to the script as an arg, the script could just call
the windows 'exe' with 'add' to just add the key to the  HKCU as an
arg (for all-user vs. current user install and the script could
use the that to call the reg command. to add the key and to the
global or CU location.

But this presumes setup calls any scripts after setup and can pass
an argument and that it can set the correct value in the environment
before calling any other installation binaries or scripts.

	I've never had any joy in getting cygwin or setup to build
on my past systems nor my current system.  I can build other packages
on linux, (kernel, perl, squid, samba, bash, linux, perl, squid and
smaller packages from their tarballs or rpms), but when it comes
to cygwin or setup.exe...  I have always ended up with missing tools,
header files, link files, missing linked systems, wrong version
libraries...whatever...  always something.

	I think there is some base set of assumptions that are so
simple and normal to each of the communicators (giver/receiver) that
neither is aware they exist, let alone able to document or 'verbalize'
them as being necessary preconditions.

	The 'setx.exe' tool mentioned by Lee would be great but for
one minor problem.  It's not on most people's system.

	It's included in the Win 2k, and WinXP (and I presume Vista)
"Support Tools" or "Release Kit" packages.  While I think they are
'free' (past their EULA), I doubt they would be redistributable by a
3rd party.

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