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Re: CygWine 1.0 Beta -- an new cygwin package manager

Brant Young wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have launched a opensource project -- CygWine ( a cygwin package
> management utility, project homepage: )
> CygWine 1.0 beta was just released, you can download the executable
> and browse screenshots at
> Compared to cygwin official install tool -- setup.exe, CygWine is more
> easy to use, has more intuitive UI.

  I like the nice wx-based GUI, that's really pretty.

> Currently, some of setup.exe features not supported by CygWine, I will
> add more functions in the next release.
> I hope you will like it, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

  I'm taking a quick browse through the code.  I see that you've based it on
chunks of the core setup.exe code, somewhat refactored and restructured.  I
wonder if we couldn't merge the two codebases, in such a way that there's one
common 'setup engine' with a couple of alternative GUI front-ends; that might
be a neat way to fix up all the missing features and make sure there is
thoroughly consistent behaviour between the two different installers.  You
know your own code better than I do - do you think that would be practical?


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