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Re: Tried mintty but it locks-up on enabling "Copy on select"

Turns out I tried again to see if some particular app was part of the problem.
Tried YIM, Word, etc. But couldn't pinpoint. But I did see the problem
again. Still occurred while in the Options menu but was not in the copy-on-
select menu.  Just switching between sub-menus.

Maybe I'll try again some time and use ollydbg.

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 07:33:51 +0000
Andy Koppe <> wrote:

> > 1) run setup.exe
> > 2) download -- but don't install
> > 3) run setup.exe -- install from local dir
> > 4) in filemanager dbl-click mintty.exe
> > 5) in the term rt-click->Options->mouse->enable copy-on-select
> > 6) mintty becomes unresponsive
> > 7) kill mintty.exe and the associated bash.exe
> >
> > I tried these steps today and was unable to reproduce.
> Thanks for trying anyway!
> > Q2) Have you got any clipboard utilities running?
> > A2) Every application has access to the clipboard, right? So yes.
> You can get various 3rd party utilities for adding stuff like a
> clipboard history or Windows-wide copy-on-select.
> > Q3) Does it work if you delete or rename ~/.minttyrc to go back to the default settings and copy something through the context menu?
> > A3) Didn't find a .minttyrc, does mintty create one when it starts?
> No, it only creates one when you press OK in the options dialog, but
> of course you didn't get to that.
> >    What does mintty put in there if it creates one?
> Its settings, in the form of key-value pairs like 'CopyOnSelect=1'.
> (I'd asked in case it was a particular combination of options that
> triggered the crash.)
> Andy
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