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Re: RFD: cygwin + *native* MinGW compiler

On 2009-01-29 05:08Z, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Greg Chicares wrote:
>> On 2009-01-28 05:28Z, Charles Wilson wrote:

Forgive my delay in thanking you for taking so much time to
point out the many issues with what I'm doing. Perhaps the
worst problem was this:

>> An incidental oddity is that the technique above produces
>>   cygxml2-2.dll
>>   cygxslt-1.dll
>>   cygwxmsw28_gcc_344-0.dll
>> with 'cyg-' instead of 'lib-'.

[snip details of the merry dance whereby I avoided catastrophe,
at least for the moment, even if just by luck]

> Oh, geez. That's really bad.

[snip explanation of how much worse it is than I had imagined]

>> I use '--build=i686-pc-mingw32 --host=i686-pc-mingw32'.

I have repented of that.

>> As for the build!=host case '--build=cygwin --host=mingw32',
>> I could try rebuilding my stuff that way if you think an extra
>> datapoint would help. I probably tried that at some time in the
>> past, but can't remember whether it worked.
> That would be a useful data point,

'--build=cygwin --host=mingw32' works, at least for libxml2,
libxslt, and wxwidgets. And the libraries are prefixed with
'lib' instead of 'cyg', which avoids some awful problems.

I took care to wipe out every vestige of the old 'cyg'
libraries first, then rebuilt them and my app from scratch.
I've tested the app, and everything works fine.

> but even if it worked, most testsuite
> frameworks are smart enough to NOT try to run their tests in a
> cross-build situation. One of Danny's (and TDM'a
> reasons for "lying" the way they do
> is that the build machinery "believes" it is a native build, so it goes
> ahead and runs the testsuite.

Acknowledged. Probably the ideal solution is to switch to a
true cross-MinGW compiler when that becomes available. I can
avoid updating any autotools package until then, so I don't
need to worry about any recent changes breaking my present

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