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Re: RFE?: CygWinDir in ENV? (was Re: How does one find where Cygwin was installed from Windows?)

On Tue, 10 Feb 2009, Larry Hall wrote:
Tim McDaniel wrote:
I have several "trampoline" scripts, a bat file doing nothing but
invoking a corresponding bash shell script or Perl program.  I have
to hard-code a location for the bash / perl interpreter, but those
locations change from user to user (some people install under c:\,
some under the standard location).  I would like to have the
scripts work for any system.
(When mentioning it, by the way, you might also mention REG.exe, a
program to do registry access, and the options for FOR that allow
running a program and getting the results in a variable in CMD.exe.
I hadn't heard of REG until I went searching just now.)

Sounds similar to Cygwin's 'regtool'. Definitely would be helpful if you're trying to batch script something like this.

Well, not in *this* special case, because "like this" is trying to find the Cygwin installation in the first place; if it knew where regtool was, it would already know where Cygwin was installed ...

But thanks for the pointer to regtool -- I'll make a note of it for
other uses.

Tim McDaniel,

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