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Re: RFE?: CygWinDir in ENV? (was Re: How does one find where Cygwin was installed from Windows?)

On 02/10/2009, Linda Walsh wrote:
Plblblblb....! (*raz*)
    I know it could spoil your day and all...but it really would
be more *linux* like if it was added to the environment variables.

OK, I need to be clear. I have nothing against the enviroment variable idea. I was making (a little) joke.

If you'd like to see this happen, I'd suggest offering it as a patch
to 'setup.exe'.  Since I'm not the gatekeeper for 'setup.exe' code,
whether or not I'm convinced it's a good idea isn't necessarily
going to help or hurt your cause.  The patch is likely to be the path of
least (though not necessarily 'no') resistence.

I forget, does Cygwin offer the option of installing for 1 user vs. "all users"? I only remember it being installed for "all"...?

Both are offered in 1.7.

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