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Re: Tried mintty but it locks-up on enabling "Copy on select"

>> That's a new one actually. Can you reproduce it? If it's not too much
>> bother, any details about the bug and your system would be
>> appreciated. The ~/.minttyrc file might be helpful too.
> It's winxp with latest patches and I think I have latest cygwin.
> Although I'm not certain of that.

I suspect most users will have 'copy on select' enabled and there've
been no problems reported so far, so particular circumstances on your
setup must be exposing a latent bug. Hence the .minttyrc and the
stackdump would be useful.

Also, a few more questions, if you're willing to help tracking it
down. Does it lock up as soon as you start mintty or the first time
you try to copy something? Have you got any clipboard utilities
running? Does it work if you delete or rename ~/.minttyrc to go back
to the default settings and copy something through the context menu?


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