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Re: How does one find where Cygwin was installed from Windows?

On 02/09/2009, Linda Walsh wrote:
    I.e. maybe Cygwin should add an "official dir" in the
system (for an all-user install), or user (for a 1-user install)
environment (stored in the registry), so add-on applications that
rely on Cygwin or rely on knowing where it was installed will work.

    It's not like in Windows where you can add something to
the linux-registry, "/etc", or path-specific part "/etc/profile.d"
and have other apps pick up this information.  It would make
more sense to put it in a registry environment variable.

What do you think?

Actually, this has been discussed already and has been resolved by having 1.7's 'setup.exe' putting the Cygwin root installation directory in... the registry! See HKLM/Software/Cygwin/setup, the "rootdir" value.

I know, it's not in the environment.  That might be nicer.  But such
a change could spoil my "there's no good way" statement so I can't
endorse it. ;-)

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