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Re: How does one find "cygdrive path" in a Win ".bat" file (was Re: Bug in "startXwin.bat")

Linda Walsh wrote:
Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
Linda Walsh wrote:
The script works, but startxwin.bat does not work if
your Cygwin installation isn't in the default location.

You could use "mount -p" (presuming your cygwin\bin is in your windows path, as mine is).

If not, need to look in the registry:
"\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\cygdrive prefix"

No, you don't need to look in the registry. There's nothing there that 'mount' won't tell you. Forget about the registry. You'll be better off, especially when Cygwin 1.7 is released.
    I'm curious -- how does mount find or 'know' the cygdrive path
if it doesn't come from the registry.

How it finds it is an implementation detail. There's no need to know how it does what it does if it does what you want. ;-) And, like I said, the registry won't be used for 1.7 so anyone that uses this as a basis of anything will find it "broken" once 1.7 is released.

    For that matter, how would a windows .bat file find the
'mount.exe' binary if the .bat file doesn't know 'cygdrive path'?

That's a different issue. However you imply a paradox that doesn't exist. Whether one knows the 'cygdrive path' or not will not make it easier to find 'mount.exe'. 'mount.exe' is always in '/bin'. As for the issue of finding '/bin', there may be times when it is necessary to script this, though I would say this is not one of those cases. For those cases, searching the file-system or spelunking in the registry are possible avenues, each with their own pluses and minuses. In this case, just looking at 'cygwin.bat' will provide the answer needed.

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