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Re: Are there vnc packages?

On Mon, 09 Feb 2009 14:00:40 -0500
"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> wrote:

> rhubbell wrote:
> > I looked for vnc packages in cygwin but didn't find any.
> > Do they exist? Maybe no need since there are plenty of vnc packages
> > that run on winxp already?
> <> is the official answer to whether any package

Thanks for that, I looked using setup.exe and didn't see one.  I don't see
any vnc packages at that link above either. I don't want to add any pkgs
from cygwin-ports at this time. I'm trying to keep things simple.

FWIW I was using the mirror with setup.exe this a.m. and it
said that the mirror is outdated.  Something I'd never seen before.
I switched to another mirror.

> is available with the Cygwin distribution.  There's also cygwin-ports
> which has a number of other packages but those aren't in the distribution
> and aren't supported by this list.
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