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RE: 'man' page for 'mintty' for review

On Thursday, February 05, 2009 7:48 PM Lee D.Rothstein wrote:

> MinTTY users,
> Please, if you would, review the attached 'man' page -- 'mintty.1'.
> Andy Koppe intends to fold it into the 0.3.6 MinTTY release.
> Comments, corrections, addtitions to this list, please.

I haven't checked all the details, but most of it seems OK to me.
There are a few points that you may want to consider.

I don't think the man page should contain installation instructions.
If you're reading the man page, mintty is already installed, so the
instructions just get in the way of the more useful information. They
should instead be put in a plain text file in the root of the source
package (and perhaps also in a README in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin).

The reference to the cygwin home directory in the description of the
--config option is potentially confusing (presumably why ('~') is 
added).  A novice cygwin user might think "cygwin home" referred to 
/home rather than /home/user or wherever $HOME point.  I think it 
would be better to refer to "the user's home directory", which would 
be more consistent with the other references.  Also, the reference to
~ is only applicable within a cygwin shell, so anyone trying to find 
~/.minttyrc using cmd.exe is liable to be confused.

I think you should change this:

| There is also a discussion forum available at this site.

which is misleading, to something like this:

| There is also a mailing list for discussing Cygwin related issues.  
| See for details.  Please read
| the advice at before posting a
| problem report.


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