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Re: 1.5.25: "changed dev/ino" error with shared drives

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Correa, Wagner wrote:
Correa, Wagner wrote:
I'm using Cygwin 1.5.25, and when I try removing
directories in shared
drives, I get an error message like this:

rm: FATAL: directory `foo' changed dev/ino

Could this be a reoccurrence of this old problem?
Given the different format of the message and the abundance of alternate but like-named tools on your machine, I have to wonder if you're getting this message from Cygwin's 'rm'.

If you run strings on Cygwin's /bin/rm, you'll see it uses the exact same message these days.

Are you?

That notwithstanding, it would be a very good idea to clean out the PATH so that only one set of unix tools are in play at a time. I stopped counting at about six or seven differing and potentially incompatible toolsets simultaneously available...

I think so:
$ which rm

But how can I be sure?

Invoke '/usr/bin/rm' directly. If you still see a problem, we need to see the permissions of the directory you're working with ('ls -l' and 'getfacl') and its contents as well as the input and results you get. Perhaps stracing might be necessary as well but I'll hold off asking for that right now. Let's see if the above helps you find the problem.

What would also be interesting would be to see the getvolinfo output for the drive(s) in question. Wagner, if you run these two commands:

wget '' -O getVolInfo.c
gcc getVolInfo.c -lntdll -o getVolInfo

and then "./getVolInfo Z:" - or whichever network drive letter(s) give you the problem - we'll know more about how you're connected. (Is it a NetApp?)

[ FYI, and as the wget output would show you anyway, the tinyurl leads to but I figured that was likely to get wrapped... ]


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