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Re: ssh pubkey auth problems on cygwin 1.5.25

OK.  I have just reinstalled Cygwin from scratch (following the
instructions below), and I have the exact same problem.  Any ideas to
try next?

On Fri 2009-01-30 17:26, Dmitry Semyonov wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 01:08, Tom Schutter wrote:
> > I have successfully setup and used this exact scenario on 21 other machines.
> > I am only having a problem with this one specific machine.
>  [...]
> > I have tried reinstalling ssh and rerunning ssh-host-config.
> Below is what I usually recommend as the first Cygwin troubleshooting
> step when something that is verified to work does not work as
> expected.
> In case of weird problems it is often easier to:
>     * delete installed services (e.g. ''sc delete cron; sc delete sshd'');
>     * delete((Right-click MyComputer -> Manage -> Local Users and
> Groups -> Users)) users and groups created by Cygwin packages (e.g.
> sshd, sshd_server, crond, cyg_server);
>     * remove corresponding user folders from ''Documents and
> Settings'' directory;
>     * remove Cygwin tree (it might be necessary to manually fix
> permissions for some files via IE in order to do this); and finally
>     * install Cygwin from scratch.
> -- 
> ...Bye..Dmitry.
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