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Re: [OT] Vista feedback

On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 07:27:47 -0800, Tim Prince
> Vincent R. wrote:
>> Ok finally I got my answers, I am cross-compiling and everything is so
>> that I will have to install Windows XP ...
>> Is it because of the couple laptop(Dell XPS M1530)/Vista or does it come
>> from Vista itself ?
> You didn't say whether you have sufficient RAM, why you would not
> 64-bit or SSD if you are serious about Vista.  Not that we want your
> answer.  cygwin is agonizingly slow for many jobs, even on XP SP3. 
> see the reasons in the archives of this group.
Hum I got 3 GB of ram, a 2.4 GHz Core2Duo, Nvidia 8600 GT and Windows Vista
Ultimate (32 bits)
and a 7200 rpm drive.
When I say it's slow I am comparing to Windows XP SP3, the same
cross-compilation takes twice
much time on Vista ...

SSD are you serious!!!! 
Whay should I spend so much money while the problem is caused by the OS.
laptop performance is not the reason

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