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Re: Vista feedback

On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 15:42:33 +0100, "Vincent R." <>
> Hi,
> I recently bought a new laptop and of course it was loaded with Windows
> Vista(Ultimate).
> So as usual I tried to install cygwin on it, I run the setup.exe, I let
> default install folder
> and then I need to choose packages.
> First I was surprised because I couldn't find subversion, so I quit setup
> and restart it but this time
> with another mirror and then I was able to find subversion but when I try
> to install it, setup crash.
> So since I was motivated I try it again but this time, withe the first
> mirror and this time subversion
> was available!!! Anyway I told me it might be some network issues so I
> on installing.
> After a few minutes I realized I forget to install emacs, so I run setup,
> install it with mintty as well
> and then I enter emacs on prompt. this time emacs.exe crash and I am
> proposed to debug it.
> So my question is : does cygwin have some known issues with Vista ?
> Of course I can use vim for instance but I find it annoying...

Ok finally I got my answers, I am cross-compiling and everything is so
that I will have to install Windows XP ...
Is it because of the couple laptop(Dell XPS M1530)/Vista or does it come
from Vista itself ?

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