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64 bit system compatibility


I just moved to a new machine with a 64 bit windows vista os . I wanted
to install and run cygwin. While the installation process run to the
end, programs like emacs xterm and xwin do not work. I also  do not get
a home directory when I run for the first time cygwin (I thought it
would be created automatically). I just read on the cygwin FAQ that 
"..As far as we know no one is working on a native 64 bit version of
I interpret it like my system is unsupported and I should not expect the
above mentioned programs from the current version of cygwin to work out
of the box. Is that correct? Is it planned to release a Vista 64-bit
compatible cygwin version? When?
Actually I'd be happy if I managed to have at least ssh, scp and xterm
work. Is it just a matter of recompiling them with a proper compiler or
it is more than that?
Thanks a lot for any clarification in advance
Giacomo (very deceived...)


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