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Re: 'man' page for 'mintty' for review

Den 2009-02-05 20:47 skrev Lee D.Rothstein:
MinTTY users,

Please, if you would, review the attached 'man' page -- 'mintty.1'.
Andy Koppe intends to fold it into the 0.3.6 MinTTY release.

Comments, corrections, addtitions to this list, please.

'man ./mintty.1.gz' will render the file (in the current directory)
without "installing" the page.

"3. Make sure that the Windows file spec for the folder that contains both cygwin1.dll and mintty.exe (typically, c:/Cygwin/usr/bin) are on the PATH variable, in the Windows System or User environment variables space."

I would say that the typical location is C:\Cygwin\bin.

Later in the document:

"First, PATH must include the Windows path of the /bin, where typically
 both mintty.exe and cygwin1.dll' will be found. Remember, this is a"

I would say the Window path of /usr/bin here, since that is where the
package is installed (but since /usr/bin is typically mirrored to /bin
so that's perhaps a minor point).

Haven't read much of the document though, just spotted these issues...


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