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Unexpected unmet dependencies with installer

Hi all,

I just tried to download the 'screen' package through Cygwin's setup.exe, and set the mode to 'Keep' to avoid pulling down the umpteen updated packages it found. Then I selected 'screen' from the list. However, when I tried to complete the install I got warnings about jasper, libglut3, libImageMagick1, and others having unmet dependencies on libGL1, libX11_6, libXt6, etc.

Every packages listed is one the installer wanted to upgrade, and none seem related to screen in any way (they being image libraries and it being a terminal program); is it possible that Setup didn't clear the dependency list properly when I selected 'Keep' mode? Or is Setup's dire warning about my installation not functioning properly if I continue likely to be true?

I tried searching the mailing list archives with no luck, so hopefully this hasn't been beaten to death previously.


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